Omega Life Plan

Omega Lifetime Plan is a long-term investment which aims at providing additional stream of income to meet the needs of investors after retirement. The Omega Lifetime Plan has three (3) investment plans which investors can select to meet their goals. The investment portfolio options are Conservative Plan, Balanced Plan and Aggressive Plan.

Investment  Strategy  and Objective 

  Conservative Plan Balanced Plan Aggressive Plan
Asset Class Benchmark Range Benchmark Range Benchmark Range
Fixed Income 70% 40-70 35% 20-40 20% 10-30
Equities 20% 10-20 50% 40-70 60% 40-70
Real Estate &Private Equity 10% 0-10 15% 0-15 20% 0-20

Invest in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments, equities, real estate projects and private equity deals to provide superior returns. 

Benefits of Investing: Income from the Omega Life time plan can be used for personal projects, family vacation; insurances (health, vehicle etc.) acquire retirement dream home and car, and a better lifestyle.

Investment Period: 10 years 

Currency: Ghana Cedi Denominated.

Fees: Management Fees of 1.5% p.a  and Administration Fees of 1.0% p.a

Target Clients: High Net worth and Young Executives

Minimum Monthly Investment Amount: GH¢200.00 but Omega reserves the right to waive the minimum contribution

Payment Mode: Post-dated Cheque, Direct Debit and  Cash

Redemptions before maturity:Redemptions before five (5) years will attract a penalty of 3%