Who we are

Omega Capital is a comprehensive financial services company which seeks to offer investment solutions to all investors.

Omega intends to maximize returns for investors through rigorous research delivery of world class services and a strong collaborative philosophy. We constantly think ahead and strive to anticipate change before it happens, ensuring that our clients can look to the future with confidence. Our investment capabilities span across equities, fixed income, real estates, private equity, multi-asset solutions, pensions, hedge funds and absolute return strategies.

Omega offers investment advisory services to local and foreign individuals, families, trusts, corporations, multinationals, foundations, non-profits organizations and governments through world class service delivery.


At Omega, our investment strategy begins with a “top down” analysis of the Global economy where we consider a variety of factors, including GDP growth factors and how these affect industries or sectors, demographic changes, triggers of changes in interest rates, currency risk and inflation changes.
We then do a “bottom up analysis” of individual companies including analyzing annual reports with emphasis on foot notes to enable us understand hidden risk, comprehensive analysis of balance sheet and cash flow statements, conducting intensive due diligence on companies and intensive research of the investment industry in order to understand the market dynamics.


Our vision is to be a leading investment solution provider in Africa.


Our mission is to financially empower people by offering comprehensive investment solutions and provide world class investment services to all our clients. Omega Capital through research and well thought out strategy will be able to identify the best opportunities for investment purposes.


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